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Instagram to offer live moderators; working on the Stories Like button

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According to recent reports, Instagram is working towards developing a new feature that will provide users the option to add moderators to their Instagram live. As of writing, only the person who began the live stream on the social network may control it. The upcoming feature was first noticed by a well-known developer on Twitter. As per the Twitter thread, the rumored feature still lies in the testing phase and is still a long road ahead of implementation. In different news, Instagram is also expected to add like buttons to stories. Both of these features are projected to take a little time before they become accessible to the general public.

Now that you’ve touched the tip, let’s hear all about it in detail.

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What Was In That Twitter Thread?

A string of mockups posted on Twitter by renowned programmer Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) suggests that Instagram is currently developing a feature that lets live video creators add a moderator. However, a snapshot provided by Paluzzi reveals that just one moderator can be added to a live broadcast from the list of “‘who’s watching” on the social media platform.

Only the presenter who began Instagram live may now control it. For the most part, a moderator’s primary role is to assist live hosts with comment management. Reports from 9to5Mac claim that moderators will soon be capable of turning off comments and other requests to go live.

Additionally, Instagram is rumored to be exploring the option to like stories. The photo-sharing mogul has already started testing this feature in August. The latest screenshots posted by Paluji show how the link button will look like. For the time being, users can only react to stories that show in their messages.


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The photo-sharing app owned by Facebook (now Meta) has recently dropped a handful of new features. One of such is ‘collab’. This feature was unveiled in October and enables two creators to post the same content together. In addition, Instagram has added a feature for users to publish photographs and videos directly from their web browsers.


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