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Koo App Yellow Tick of Verification: Here is How to Get it

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I’m the guy you see dancing in the rain in the middle of the night. Pursuing my bachelor’s in literature, I love to read and write and I’m somewhat of a decent storyteller. A die-hard fan of Miyazaki and Murakami and my go-to quote is “The past is a foreign country, we do things differently there”.

Microblogging platform Koo App allows users to communicate via text, photos, videos, or a combo of all of the above formats. Followers and anybody else who searches for the user’s profile can see these “Koos”.

A Yellow Tick is bestowed by Koo on user accounts that have been determined to be significant representatives of the people’s voices. Based on predetermined criteria, the Koo honor of the Yellow Tick is bestowed in appreciation of eminence, impact or prestige, accomplishments, abilities, or professional standing.

let’s hear all about it.

What is Koo Yellow Tick?

according to a statement from the company, when a user gets a Yellow Tick on Koo it signifies that they are a prominent figure in Indian society. Users that are well in the Indian context – whether they are an artist, scientist, or sports figure or a politician, or businessperson.

How is the Yellow Tick Awarded on Koo App?

The Tick of Koo Eminence can’t be bought. A predetermined set of criteria is used to identify the eminence or grandeur or accomplishments of the individual.

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According to the application, Koo evaluates Eminence Recognition submissions using a combination of internal research and public resources from external parties. Changes in terrain necessitate a reassessment of the criterion four times a year. The Yellow Tick of Eminence may also be exceptionally awarded in cases where the standards are not met.

Aprameya Radhakrishna, CEO, Koo said- “The Koo Eminence Tick is a recognition that the user is a significant representative of the voices of India and Indians. We have formulated the process keeping India’s local realities and are committed to ensuring transparency to maintain a user-base that is verified and acts responsibly while interacting online.” 

How To Apply For Koo Yellow Tick?

  • Koo encourages everyone to apply for the Eminence Yellow Tick on the platform. Based on third-party public resources, internal research, and the Indian context, requests for Eminence are reviewed.
  • Only a small percentage of requests have gotten the Eminence Yellow tick, and these famous voices are awarded prominence in their particular language groups. According to Koo’s standards, Eminence cannot be overused or bestowed arbitrarily.
  • Users may apply for the Koo yellow tick from the Koo app itself or by emailing at [email protected]. Users can expect an evaluation response within 10-12 days. If the criteria are not met, the response may be delayed.
  • The full criteria for Koo Eminence may be seen here.
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Loss of Yellow Tick

Koo without notice can take away your Eminence recognition when the initial criteria for awarding prominence have been amended by Koo. Eminence badge-related accounts will be suspended/removed by Koo if they are used to mislead the public regarding their status.

The aforementioned app is a product of ‘Made in India” and is soaring in popularity as suggested by its number of downloads and users. Microblogging app Twitter is one of Koo’s strongest rivals. After Twitter’s privacy row, a lot of people started following Koo on Twitter.

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