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PUBG: New State Crosses 1 Crore Downloads on Play Store

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Battle royale game PUBG: New State by Krafton was released earlier this week in a handful of nations, including the Indian subcontinent. Over the weekend, the game surpassed one million installs, just three days after its release.

PUBG: New State had already procured 1 million installs on its debut day and now that count soared to 1 crore downloads. In spite of the fact that the game had a troubled start, with many early players reporting non-functioning servers, poor loading times, and even hard-bricking their devices, the huge number of installs shows that the game is still popular.

PUBG New State: What’s new?

PUBG New State adds a futuristic flair to the traditional battle royale gameplay made mainstream by its predecessor. New State is set in 2051 and has a new terrain, new weaponry, new strategies, and larger urban structures such as malls and multi-story skyscrapers.

Additionally, the game introduces a “fight balancing ability” that will give you a new perspective on the game’s action. The HUD (heads up display) has a bullet-meter HUD (bullet meter) that exhibits to you exactly how many shots are left in your magazine both numerically and graphically.

Krafton in response to such threads commented that “PUBG New State has already gone through enough screening on smartphones similar to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 or the ones featuring 2GB RAM validate that the game runs well.

Until yet, the corporation has not announced whether or not it is investigating the issue and perhaps developing a solution. There is no substantial evidence to support the claim that Android 12 handsets are more likely to suffer from this issue.

Battle Royale is a genre that’s been around for a while, but the new game, according to the developer, intends to revolutionize it with innovative gameplay elements including weapon customization, a drone market, and a novel way to recruit players.

To go around, players in PUBG: New State will be able to use futuristic automobiles, motorized dune buggies, speed boats, and hang gliders. Ammunition and other supplies can now be stored in the bellies of vehicles so that people can bring more items than their packs can hold in the event of an emergency.

At the opening, PUBG: New State features three separate gaming modes: Battle Royale, 4v4 Deathmatch, and the Training Ground, where gamers may practice their abilities before entering a live match. The title is also expected to add Ranked Seasons that enables gamers to battle against each other in Ranked Seasons to obtain “tiera” (the in-game equivalent of rank) and receive in-game goodies.

More information from the developers of PUBG New State is predicted to arrive soon, till then check out our other interesting posts.


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