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Xbox Makes 76 More Games Backwards Compatible

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In recent news, at the 20th celebration of Xbox, Microsoft has declared that it is adding 70+ game titles to its backward compatibility program. While most of the games offer HDR support, there are many which would be receiving a resolution enhancement. Besides, Microsoft has added FPS Boost to its 11 new titles and also to its 26 pre-existing titles. 

Xbox Makes 76 More Games Backwards Compatible

Before this, the Xbox Backwards Compatibility happened two years earlier, in 2019. Rather, it was thought of at the time that no more games would be added under the backward compatibility program. But it happened and now Microsoft says that the 2021 rendition is the final addition sequence. No more backward compatibility is to be expected furthermore.

Now, this list has reached up to 700 titles under backward compatibility and playable items. This makes it possible for you to find at least one of the titles that might have made you desperate in earlier times than today. 

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Xbox Makes 76 More Games Backwards Compatible.

What is Xbox’s Backwards Compatibility? 

When you are on a comparatively latest engine, the games you used to play on the previous generation console, would become obsolete. Sometimes, due to technical reasons and mostly due to licensing and legal constraints.

However, in simple terms, when you think about laying a game that is available under backward compatibility would generally open up an emulator-like engine which would then render the game, and then you could play the game on your latest console.

Xbox Makes 76 More Games Backwards Compatible

Mostly, all these consoles would still have all the features of the current console whichever you are having, while emulating the game under backward compatibility. Xbox series X|S series has some extra features, but not all games are playable under backward compatibility. Although they would work just as fine on Xbox 360 or Xbox One

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What Games are Added in Xbox’s Backward Compatibility? 

The entire Max Payne series, and Skate 2, is now available for play on Xbox Consoles. Moreover, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Otogi Franchisee, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Star Wars: Starfighter, F.E.A.R., Binary Domain, NIER, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, Alan Wake, Sonic Generations, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Gears of War, Dragon Age, The Evil Within II, and many more.

Xbox Makes 76 More Games Backwards Compatible

Microsoft recently made the Xbox fans happy by letting this new out- Xbox Makes 76 More Games Backwards Compatible. This has now made the list extensive and heavy, and to which Microsoft has declared it as a final addition. Furthermore, got any questions in mind? Let them out in the community using the comment section below. 


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