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Remarkable Achievement For Any Pokemon Fan : Living master Dex Completed By Two Poke Fans

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A Living Master Dex has been completed by two Pokemon fans, a remarkable achievement.
In layman’s words, that indicates that they have not only captured every Pokemon but also gathered them together and concealed them. With a performance like this, it makes sense that these people have celebrated the series’ slogan “Gotta catch ’em all” in style. These guys have carried the phrase “Gotta catch ’em all” to its logical conclusion.

Even in the days when there were only 150 Pokemon to capture, completing a Pokedex has always been difficult and time-consuming. Since there are now 905 Pokemon available in video games after eight generations of the franchise, it goes without saying that it will take much more work than in the past to “get them all.” The performance of Reddit user Space born Killer and his companion is particularly astounding because of this.

Post information on her performance and a picture of the two buddies wearing expensive outfits to the Pokemon subreddit. According to SpacebornKiller, they began building out their Living Dex in 2018 to catch every Pokemon in the game in the order in which it can be captured.

The difficulty with this is that the first two generations of games do not let Pokemon be transferred to subsequent releases, which the team had to do to gather their collection in one location and finish the “live dex” portion of the living master dex.

According to SpacebornKiller, this compelled the two buddies to recollect those Pokémon from Pokemon LeafGreen/Fiery Red and Ruby/Sapphire/Crystal as well as the offshoot games Coliseum and XD: Storm of Darkness.

After that, they transferred their collection to the subsequent mainline games before collecting every Pokemon in that generation, switching to the following, and doing so repeatedly until they had done so.

Beyond just capturing 900+ Pokemon, a Living Master Dex is challenging for several reasons. Given how hard it may be for some Pokémon to evolve, obtaining Pokémon with one or more evolutions several times is required to attain each evolution. Several mythological Pokémon were only accessible during specific occasions and are no longer permitted to be captured legally.

For these, a buddy may provide the team with a real Mythical Pokemon, but the team had to utilize Game Shark to get entry to the events and capture the rest of the Pokemon on their own.

Given how much time and effort it took to do this incredible achievement, the Pokemon
SpacebornKiller and her companion have nothing but acclaim from the community. Success is also bittersweet because their Living Master Dex will soon be lacking.

A completely new group of Pokemon is introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. On the positive side, because they now have a complete Pokedex for Generations 1 through 8, finishing the one for Generation 9 should be simple.

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