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The Legend of Zelda Part 2: Tears of the Kingdom Could Help the Rito Shine: Are There Amazing Secrets!?

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Hello Readers! Subsequently years of expectancy, Nintendo finally exposed the title for Breath of the Wild’s sequel during a September 2022 Direct. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is set for an announcement in May 2023 (assuming no further delays), and its latest teaser leans into the aerial potential of floating islands by presenting Link dive onto a mysterious sailplane.

While the terrestrial races of Hyrule will have to use novel methods to discover, this may be a great justification to give the Rito more importance. So here we gonna talk about The Legend of Zelda.

After completing the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild, Link can run traditionally toward Hyrule Castle and battle Catastrophe Ganon. The in-game narrative, on the other hand, clearly aims for Link to save each of Hyrule’s four major races (the Zora, Goron, Rito, and Gerudo) from the corruption afflicting their Divine Beasts.

Tears of the Kingdom’s previous trailers have highlighted Master Sword, implying that Link collects his legendary blade, implying that Hyrule’s residents will all require brand-new challenges to face. The flying Rito will, without a doubt, have the easiest time adjusting to their new surroundings.

The Legend of Zelda
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Rito, the latest addition to the aforementioned races, first appeared in 2002’s The Wind Waker for the GameCube. They’re also one of the franchise’s least used races, appearing only in The Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild, and now Tears of the Kingdom. Even though a large portion of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword takes place in the skies above Hyrule, the avian race skipped it.

This is most likely because The Wind Waker establishes the Rito as Zora descendants, specifically in the “Adult” era of Ocarina of Time following Link’s victory over Ganondorf. Link’s companion Medli is shown to be a blood relative of the Zora sage Naruto, and the Rito should only exist in one branch of the Zelda timeline. The Legend of Zelda is a very anxious relative.

Though it may appear counterintuitive for aquatic characters to evolve into birds as a result of global flooding, the Rito’s ability to fly allows them to visit individual islands across the Great Sea as mail carriers. Here is the trailer for The Legend of Zelda

Calamity By the time Breath of the Wild arrives, Ganon has become an ever-present threat to the world, and Link is one of the teams tasked with stopping the destruction.

He and Zelda work alongside Hyrule’s four Champions, Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa, who pilot the Divine Beasts built by ancient Sheikah to combat the Calamity. Their failure 100 years before the events of the game results in Link waking up with amnesia, forced to correct past mistakes and build a better future.

Are There Amazing Secrets! In The Legend of Zelda Part 2

Aside from the narrative possibilities of adapting an avian race to a more vertical world, the Rito could also mechanically assist Link. Certain floating islands, for example, could be reached with the help of a character like Teba if players need to unlock new upgrades for their Stasis rune.

In Breath of the Wild, the warrior already carries Link into the sky on his back while storming Divine Beast Vah Medoh, giving Nintendo the option of adapting.

This brief segment has been transformed into a regular traversal option. Tears of the Kingdom, regardless of how they’re incorporated, should give the Rito a chance to shine.

Hope you find the guilders if The Legend of Zelda

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