Do Resident Evil 4 Makers Reveal Possible Code: Veronica Going To Be Remake?

Resident Evil 4 remake is currently not only Leon Kennedy’s story, but the plot threads added to 3 with Nemesis and the NE-α zombies. But that shrubberies Claire Redfield’s hunt for her brother uncompleted unless you fancy going back and playing the older Code Veronica X, as there are no plans to wrap it up with its cover anytime soon.

Talking to NoisyPixel, Resident Evil 4 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said that there are no concrete plans for a Code Veronica re-creation, but that if the “opportunity comes, maybe.” It’s not entirely out of the inquiry yet, though it seems unlikely.

However, it’s uncertain where Resident Evil will go after 4. Over the past few years, the trend has been a new game, a remake, a new-fangled game, and again a remake. Whether the pattern will continue after 4 is up in the air, though about are already calling on Capcom to new versions 5 and 6 next, though Code Veronica has been a fan-favorite on the tip of the community’s language for years now.

Resident Evil 4 Makers Reveal Possible Code: Veronica

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Looking outside of Resident Evil, fans have been profession on Capcom to revive Dino Crisis with its remake. It’s an offbeat classic PS1 game from the same creator, Shinji Mikami, that swapped out the zombies for fossils. Think Resident Evil spliced with Jurassic Park. It ended with a contentious, more action-heavy third game, and its return has been highly intreated by its vocal fans ever since.

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We’ll have to pause and see where Capcom goes after Resident Evil 4, with Village’s first DLC right around the crook, while Re: Verse is finally opening up early admittance on October 24. Meanwhile, Capcom has established that Resident Evil is moving away from the Winters, leaving the future of the whole sequence up in the air from 9 onward. Maybe somewhere in there, we’ll get Claire Redfield’s return, or maybe we’ll go back and experience her search for her member Chris all over again

Makers Revealed that Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, who’s been occupied on the Resident Evil series since 2002, was recently asked if he was at all attentive in remaking Code: Veronica and if there could be any supplementary Resident Evil remakes in general.

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His answer was naturally non-committal, only saying that he’s currently focused on Resident Evil 4’s development and that there are no hard plans for a Code: Veronica remake at the second.

He didn’t completely rule out the likelihood though, telling Noisy Pixel that if the ‘opportunity derives, maybe.’

Initially released for the Sega Dreamcast, Code: Veronica, disdain lacking a quantity in the title, isn’t a spin-off and serves as a direct progress to Resident Evil 2, bringing back both Chris and Claire Redfield from the original and second competitions respectively as the lead protagonists.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

It was even destined to be called Resident Evil 3 until Sony influenced Capcom to change the name, once it gained an exclusiveness deal for what would develop Resident Evil 3.

Despite positive evaluations at launch, Code: Veronica’s flaws and fairly archaic design have become more outward over time. This is why fans feel it would benefit more from a remake, as different from Resident Evil 4 – which has held up remarkably well even 17 years afterward it came out. This series will cover Netflix!

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