What Are Farigiraf’s New Abilities in the Latest Scarlet and Violet Games

The Pokemon Company has released a new teaser for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, which features a new evolution for an old fan favourite Pokemon. Farigiraf, Girafarig’s development, appeared in the Paldea region.
Farigiraf, like its progenitor, is a species of Normal/Psychic type. However, it looks and fights very differently.

A lot of new features are being tested in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These new games look to be the culmination and final testing ground for many ideas that have been floating regarding the Pokemon franchise for several years.

Finally Girafarig get some love": Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans excited about details in latest trailer
Even the simplest aspects of battle have been adjusted. Auto-battle has now been added to the mainline Pokemon titles, and the user is expected to employ it in Team Star-initiated mass encounters. To that purpose, all combat take occur in the game environment, similar to Pokemon Legends.

Fans will have to wait and see what other minor adjustments have been made, but one item that has received little attention is Scarlet and Violet’s new moves and powers. The ones that have been revealed thus far, Shed Tail and Tera Blast, have been deliberately targeted on boosting competitive strategies. The early October Pokemon Scarlet and Violet teaser revealed two new Abilities that can be applied to the new Farigiraf, which appear to be incredibly powerful.

Even though Farigiraf appeared in the most recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet teaser, the fanbase is still waiting for additional information.
Fortunately, Game Freak has published some basic information about the species. It’s called the Long Neck Pokemon, and it, like Girafarig, brings some intriguing new abilities to the game.

Farigiraf’s abilities are both new to the Generation IX games.

Chew Cud

Held objects have been a part of the Pokemon series since the second generation. While they are generally regarded as a novelty by casual players, they are regarded as a requirement by competitive players. They can be handy for ensuring that a Pokemon always takes its turn first, acting as a replacement for specific Abilities such as Guts, or quickly treating a status illness without wasting a round on an item. Berries are a type of held object that may be used as conventional commodities in a pinch but reveal their actual capabilities when carried by a Pokemon.

When the prerequisites for Berry’s effects are met, a Pokemon with a relevant Berry can eat it to gain those effects. This can range from restoring a status effect to lowering the efficacy of incoming super-effective moves to restoring a percentage of HP, depending on the circumstances. Chew Cud, Farigiraf’s new Ability, will allow it to extend the duration of this effect.

If a Pokemon with this Ability eats a Berry, it will eat it again at the end of the next turn. While the product is still automated and cannot be guaranteed to work every time, it has the ability to multiply the effect of numerous Berries. Strategies could be devised around this, and the fact that Chew Cud refers to grazing mammals suggests that the Ability may pass to similar Pokemon in the future.

Armor Tail

Farigiraf’s Abilities can interact with things that are not currently in play. Another long-standing Pokemon component is priority moves, which are attacks that advance ahead of the opponent without taking into account speed.

Most players will recognise Quick Attack as such, despite the fact that there are many more priority moves, the majority of which are non-damaging moves like Helping Hand and Protect. In situations where every action matters, having a nearly particular offensive or defensive manoeuvre in one’s back pocket can be a powerful leveraging tool.

Farigiraf’s ability, Armor Tail, on the other hand, dramatically alters the game. If this works as described, opposing Pokemon’s move priority will not only be repressed, but their priority moves will also not trigger when Farigiraf is there.

This chance to cut off potential attack lines and potentially neutralise Follow Me, Magic Guard, and other similar moves could be vital in the right circumstances. Because of their strength, Farigirafs with Armor Tails could become a counter-pick team fixture. Game Freak appears to be raising the power of Abilities in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it will be fascinating to see how this affects the game’s meta and Farigiraf’s usage.

Some trainers find Armor Tail even more intriguing. Farigiraf has the innate ability to prevent its opponent from using Priority Moves. These are the attacks that, regardless of the user’s Speed stat, take precedence over other movements. Some examples include Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Extreme Speed, and Detect.

Farigiraf’s stats in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are currently unknown. However, early exposure to its abilities creates exciting possibilities for how it might perform in battle.
Farigiraf, as a Normal/Psychic creature, will have only two elemental weaknesses. It should dodge Bug and Dark moves while doing well against other elemental types.

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