Are You Curious to Uncover How Old Joe Keery is? Wiki, Bio, and More Details on His Career Progress, Relationships, and Net Worth.

Joe Keery aka Joseph David Keery is an American performer and musician. As of 2022, Joe Keery’s net price is $4 million. Joe is in manufacturing since 2015. Joe the lot in movies, music videos, and numerous more. He is known for singing the role of Steve Harrington in the famed ‘Stranger Things, the Science Fiction Horror web TV drama series.

Joe is also a great recognized musician. Joe plays for the American hallucinogenic rock band Post Animal. He also North Korean won the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Prize for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Sequence for his work in the series Stranger Gears and in the year 2018 was nominated for the identical award.

Joe Keery Wiki/Biography

Congenital on 24 April 1992, Joe Keery’s stage is 30 years as of 2022. He was innate and brought up in Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States. Joe finished his initial education at River Valley Charter School which is a local Montessori elementary then middle school and later intentionally at Newburyport High School.

Joe finished his higher education at DePaul Campus, which is a Theater school, and later advanced from it with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Temporary in the year 2014. When he was young, he also achieved in an open theater at the Maudslay State Park, at a performing arts campsite. He started acting in high university when his sister insisted.

Family, Girlfriend & Relationships

Joe Keery
Joe Keery

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Joe Keery’s parents are David Keery and Nina Keery. Joe Keery’s father’s designation is David Keery, who is a designer and her mother’s name is Nina Keery, who is a lecturer of English.

Joe has 4 brothers. He has 4 sisters out of which 1 is head and 3 are younger than him. The names of his nuns are Caroline, Lizzy, Kate, and Emma. Between these, Emma and Kate are look-alikes.

Joe Keery’s marital status is unattached. Though, Joe at present is seeing Maika Monroe who is also a flick actress. They both started courting in the year 2017 but have not yet remained official about it.

Physical Appearance

Joe Keery is a handsome-looking performer in the American industry. He is known for his charming looks and hot character. Joe has a wonderful smile and dashing haircut which is highly venerated by his fans.

Joe possesses a super-hot body as well with his biceps measuring 14 inches. Joe is 5 feet besides 11 inches in height and his form weight is around 74 Kg. Joe has soft and honied light brown colored hair and beautiful hazel eyes.



Joe Keery started his career as a thespian in the American Hollywood industry. In the year 2015, he did an unimportant role of Gabe in the film ‘’Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party’’. In a similar year, he also starred in an episode of ‘Sirens’ as Scenester, 2 episodes of ‘Chicago Fire’ in place of Emmett, and an episode of ‘Empire’ as Tony Trichter III.

Joe was one of the guitar players of Column Animal, the Chicago-based garage and psych-rock band. Their 1st album was free in October 2015. In his initial 20’s he also unconfined music under the name ‘Cool Cool Cool.

In 2016, he showcased in the movie ‘The Charnel House’ as Scott. From 2016 to date he starred as Steve Harrington in the famed series ‘Stranger Things’ in season 1 as a recurring role and in season 2 as the chief role.

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