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Razer Introduces An Updated Blade 15 Lineup Housing RTX GPUs For 2019 – Plans To Unveil New Display Tech At CES

2018 for Razer was an eventful year, to say the least. The manufacturer brought in a ton of improvements to their laptop lineup and also partnered with Microsoft to deliver quality peripherals for Xbox keyboard program. A few months ago Razer introduced the Blade Stealth additions to the consumer base reaching quite a few milestones and achieving a lot. The Blade 15 was undoubtedly the go-to notebook when it came to portable performance. Equipped with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 and GTX 10xx GPU the notebook was a tank fitted in a notebook form factor.

Today Razer announced an updated Blade 15 lineup fit ready to face 2019 with all its might. The new Blade 15 lineup will in fact house Nvidia RTX graphics which will enable it to reach an even higher benchmarking level. Throttled by the greatest and latest GDDR5 technology and DDR4 RAM the device reaches new levels of snappiness. The rest of the experience remains the same which means that you’ll still get the 1080p 144 Hz option for that smooth transition while Razer plans on showcasing a new technology capable of reaching 240Hz to take portable gaming to another level.

The Razer Blade 15 will now have greater options for different configurations ranging from the 60Hz display paired with a GTX 1060 all the way up to a 144 Hz display paired with an RTX 2080 GPU. Moreover, Razer will also be releasing updated models for its Blade Mercury models available exclusively at Razer’s website and Bestbuy. The new updated RTX Blade laptops will be available from January 29th starting at a price of $2,299 with more configurations available at Razer. Users, however, will still be able to buy the first announced Razer Blade 15’s for the price they were announced for rocking the GTX graphics options. Overall, the new Blade 15 and Blade 15 Mercury is a generation upgrade in the GPU department while the rest of the device is very much the same. With the slogan of providing the best in smallest of packages, Razer once again ceases to amaze enthusiasts with the updated internals.

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