Juanita Vanoy’s Net Worth in 2022 Has Become the Talk of the Town! Get Ready to Be Mesmerized by Her Riveting Story, Revealing All Its Ups and Downs.

Juanita Vanoy (a.k.a Juanita Jordan) is a 62 years old ex-American Model. She is best known for getting a matrimonial to famous basketball player Michael Jordan.

As of 2022, the net worth of Juanita Vanoy is assessed to be $200 million.

She used to be a model in Chicago and must have earned a good sum of money from this profession. Giving to Indeed, a model makes around $85,247 per year in Chicago.

She later happening working at American Bar Association as a decision-making secretary. According to Glassdoor, a policymaking secretary makes $49,322 – $52,740 per year.

Juanita Vanoy was matrimonial to Michael Jordan in 1989. They got separated in 2006. Juanita received $168 million in the divorce defrayal. According to an object published in Forbes in 2007, it was the classiest divorce settlement during that time.

In 2014, she sold a seven-acre penthouse for $3.2 million situated at Lake Shore Drive which she conventional in the divorce settlement.

She has freshly listed her Chicago River North Neighborhood tower on sale for $4.98 million. According to the Chicago Tribune, Juanita purchased this family back in 2007 for $4.7 million.

Currently, Juanita spends her time collecting art, especially from African American entertainers, practicing Bikram yoga, and roving Europe – France, Italy, and London.

Juanita Vanoy was congenital on June 13, 1959. She is an Amerbirthplace and her birthplace is Chicago, Illinois.

She belongs to assorted ethnicity i.e. Cuban-American ethnicity.

She was congenital to John Vanoy (father) and Dorothy L. Vanoy (mother) then was brought up with five brethren, Gwendolyn Hicks, Jacqueline Rogers, Rhonda, Armstrong, Bernetta B. Vanoy, and Margaret Vanoy.

She has dark coffee eyes and her hair color is black.

Juanita completed her in-height school at Christian Fencer High School and later appeared at American University.

Juanita Jordan’s Ex-Husband and Family

Juanita Vanoy
Juanita Vanoy

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Juanita Vanoy’s name is underway printing on news headlines after her marriage with NBA fable player Michael Jordan. She initially met Michael Jordan at a restaurant in 1984. They later met at a festivity thrown by their mutual friend from wherever they started dating.

In December 1987, Michael planned Juanita at Nick’s Fish Market in Chicago and they later announced the news of their rendezvous in the same year but later called it off due to around reasons.

Juanita gave true to their first son, Jefferey Jordan on 18 November 1988, previously their marriage.

However, they made their connection official and exchanged rings at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on September 2, 1989. At that spell, Jordan was 26 years old while Vanoy was 30 years old besides their son Jeffrey was 10 months old.

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