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Are You Ready to Take Your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paldea Experience to the Next Level? Then Prepare for Hisuian Dlc With These Quick Steps!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Since Pokemon Scarlet besides Violet came hot off the heels of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and with recent datamining collateral fans’ suspicions that the latter would eventually factor into Gen 9, it converts clear that there were underlying clues that pointed to Hisuian DLC would originate to Paldea.

After the success of the spin-off that radically reshaped players’ prospects of future Pokemon games, many were anticipating that the following Pokemon Scarlet besides Violet games would in some way pay tribute to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. But while Hisuian regional alternatives will eventually arrive in Paldea, there could be superior DLC plans at work.

The potential for DLC in Scarlet besides Violet is substantial, with many players sharing theories about a grayed-out upper-right helping of Paldea’s map being a possible land bridge to Kalos last seen in Pokemon X then Y. Despite this, recent data mines have revealed that Hisuian regional variations were in Scarlet and Violet’s code, which turned speculation onto how these supposedly-extinct Pokemon would arrival to the present day. But just as the Hisuian Pokemon had been unseen in the base game, so too are there hints as to how Game Freak could have previously set up possible Hisuian DLC.

Early Signs Pointed Towards Hisui


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As a follow-up in open-world enterprise to Legends: Arceus, players had been antedating that Scarlet and Violet would take cues from its predecessor to mutually inform its design and pay a compliment for the groundwork it established.

Though there’s been a mixed response to the vicissitudes made between these games, fans did at least spot and appreciate the hidden positions of Legends: Arceus’ Professor Laventon and the Hisuian Pokeball. But although players needed to go out of their way and attend academy classes to novelty this Easter egg, it was the first explicit sign that Game Freak was conscious of reestablishing Legends: Arceus to Gen 9.

From here, it’s conceivable to start identifying and piecing together other clues that Hisui was already planned as additional happiness for Scarlet and Violet. For instance, almost every single Pokemon that received local variants and evolutions in Legends: Arceus was included within the Paldean Pokedex, none of which stood made to be version exclusives.

This was likely the earliest suggestion behind-the-scenes that Game Freak was planning to add Hisuian Pokemon at a future date, as it circumvented the need to introduce the original forms alongside their Hisuian matching part. The only remaining obstacle was canon and how Hisui could be asynchronously transported to Paldea.

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