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Despite Its Availability on the Xbox Game Pass, Hi-fi Rush Outperformed Forspoken in Revenue When It Launched on Steam. Details

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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The recent Steam Charts report, casing the week ending January 29, 2023, highlights the top-selling video games in rapports of revenue. Disdain not featuring many unexpected titles, the lapse of Forspoken from the list is noteworthy. Despite its relatively high price point of $70, Forspoken botched to make the top-seller list, being outperformed by the anew released title, Hi-Fi Rush, which is assessed at $30.

The success of Hi-Fi Rush is mainly surprising given that it is available on Xbox Game Pass, which permits players to access the game for a low cost, even short of a subscription. Despite this, Hi-Fi Rush immobile recorded strong sales, indicating high demand for the product. Furthermore, the almost universal critical acclaim the game received, as well as its position as another major first-party IP from Microsoft, succeeding the success of Deathloop, has likely paid for its success.

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In contrast, Forspoken’s conventional mixed reviews from critics and users may have paid to its underwhelming sales performance. Additionally, its relatively high worth point compared to other PC games, such as Dead Space, may take also played a role. Square Enix’s decision to value their PC games similarly to their console offerings has been disparaged in the past.

Hi-Fi Rush
Hi-Fi Rush

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Hi-Fi RUSH is an action game that trails the story of a wannabe rockstar named Chai who is on a mission to match against an evil tech megacorp. The game landscapes rhythm-based fights where players obligation time their interchanges to defeat corporate drones in stylish battles harmonized to the music. Players will lead a squad of colorful teammates and face off against their respective department’s boss to protect their freedom.

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The game features a novel soundtrack with additional songs by popular artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, and The Joy Formidable. Hi-Fi RUSH contains a streamer-friendly audio mode to avoid the dissemination of copyrighted music. The game is developed by Tango Gameworks, the workshop behind The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The top-seller list offcuts are dominated by established titles such as Steam Deck, and Dead Space, besides Hogwarts Legacy. Despite not being unconfined until February 7, the latter continues to achieve well in pre-sales, signifying a promising launch.

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