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Speculation Abounds That Retro Studios is in the Midst of Creating a New Title, Though No Official Announcement Has Been Made, Details

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Retro Studios is late to the first three Metroid Prime titles as well as other games like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze in addition to Mario Kart 7, so many fans are sure to be excited about the probable long-awaited fourth installment in the Metroid Prime franchise or added Donkey Kong or Mario Kart game.

There have been scraps of news and information here and there about the next Metroid game, with fans speculating statement years and development stages based on leaks, rumors, and other such small pieces of evidence. A Metroid Prime 4 job listing, for example, gave some clews about the type of setting that is being worked on for Metroid Prime 4 and how it compares to other titles in the series. But, it has been quite sometime before any new information about the highly anticipated game has been uncovered.

There are sequences of videos and leaks that refer to Retro Studios’ob guides and the fact that the designer is said to be working on a new game from a now-established IP, meaning it must be from a long-running, well-known franchise. With all the delays and displeasures that fans have experienced with Metroid Prime 4, this news comes as a ray of hope that Retro Studios is finally pushing onward with solid development of the game.

Retro studio
Retro studio

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Many fans are indisputable to hope that Metroid Prime 4 is indeed the game referred to in the leaks and hope that it will get the consideration and development it deserves because it is a chief series game and not a spin-off or companion-style game, like Retro Studios’ void Legend of Zelda game featuring Sheik.

A few former Retro Studios creators have said that Metroid Prime 4 will be worth the wait, and numerous fans of the series are hoping that they are right because they have been waiting for quite about time. Last year, Metroid Dread scratched the Metroid itch, but it was still a 2D game and not the full-blown 3D experience that followers have been waiting for meanwhile the Metroid Prime Trilogy was released in 2009.

There partake also been rumors about a potential remaster for the original Metroid Prime to come from Nintendo, so this is an extra possibility for the leaks and rumors to be grabbed onto. The job listing mentions that it will be for a reputable IP, but does not state that it will be for a new-fangled title in that IP.

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