Uncover All the Details About Jesser’s Life – From His Height and Weight to Net Worth, Age, Wiki Page, Instagram Profile, and Biography.

He gained his approval through the video-sharing app; a YouTuber that puts in a lot of hard work. For all that we need to see about him, Jesser’sight is just as vital as what he does on YouTube. Jesser Jesser is a noteworthy part of the things that people want to know about him.

This is because of his contribution to basketball. People that play basketball habitually have their heights scrutinized as the game is improved played by people who are quite tall. That is not to say short persons cannot play; the point here is that the bigger, the better.

So as much as we want a lot of extra information about the YouTuber, his height is equally important, that is why this item has been dedicated to talking near just Jesser’s height.

Jesser Height: Biography of The YouTube Star

The young YouTuber is healthier known as Jesser The Lazer, but his real designation is Jesse Riedel. Who is Jesser The Lazer, Jesse Riedel?

A well-known American NBA 2K gamer besides YouTube personality, Jesser The Lazer, Jesse Riedel, is better known by his period name Jesser The Lazer and was born on March 27, 1999, in Los Angeles, California.

About his paternities, nothing is known. He usually features his brother James, better identified as Jiedel, in his videos. His instructive background has not been disclosed as of yet, as such, we cannot report on that for today.

Well, Jesser’sarticle is about Jesser’s height but there is a lot to be identified about him. What is his career all near? How did his YouTube career begin? Let’s give you the substance here.

YouTube Career


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In August 2013, Jesser The Lazer started a YouTube channel, then on the 14th of the same month, he available his first video. Millions of people currently subscribe to his channel.

As an associate of the 2 Hype crew, he publishes his gaming videos and real-world basketball trials. Yes, he does basketball paraphernalia, so what is Jesser’s height?

Jesser Height

Jesser height styles him as just a perfect fit for a basketball player though he is not a specialized basketball player. The YouTuber attitudes at 6 feet 0 inches. In this epoch where social media has become a place where young people can do so many things, a lot of them have taken benefits to make money out there. By creating videos and placing them on his youtube channel Jesser earns money.

What is his net worth?

If Jesser’s height is vital to his fans, but even more important is his net worth.

How much does the young man earn?

The assessed net worth of Jesser The Lazer is $3 million. His main source of revenue as a professional thespian is on YouTube.

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