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Uncover the Mystery of Thunder Stones and Which Pokemon They Make Evolve in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

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In the recent update, it was officially confirmed that the Pokemon players who play for Scarlet and Violet need a great and decent amount of Thunder Stock so that they can all easily complete their Paldean Pokedex.

There is always a revolution in the stones of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In the updates, Thunder Stone was shown as the most important one. The items that used to evolve the five different Pokemon were basically from the fan favorites and the newcomers of fun.

All the changes that happened in the game are completely available in the game of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If players want to win Pokedex then they need a huge amount of Thunder Stones.

Ways to get Thunder Stones in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

As the delivery is already present so players can easily purchase the Thunder Stones at any time they want. Each Delibird had a different present of location and had a Thunder Stone for sale which will cost $3000 each. As per these players can easily purchase things that are required to make the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Violet is more common and it helps in the evolution of items.

As per the Wild, players can earn them free as well. Plenty of places are there where players can find it free. Plenty of guaranteed ways are there to earn them as well. The easiest way to complete the Pokedex is to get a reward. When Players can add 30 Pokemon to their tally they get a Thunder Stone as a reward. The option for the players is to go West Province Area. As per the game, there is plenty number of windmills some of which had staircases attached to them on their top. The exact locations of the game can be seen below.

Which Pokemon Evolve With A Thunder Stone? 

At present, there are six discovered Pokemon that evolve by using a Thunder Stone. Though other evolution stones are nearly useless in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet due to the relatively limited Pokedex, many of the stable Thunder Stone evolutions appear in the Paldea region. Here are all the Pokemon that evolve by using a Thunder Stone:

Pikachu, Eevee, and Eelektrik have always evolved with the use of a Thunder Stone, but Pokemon Sword & Shield mixed things up with the evolution stone. Previously, Charjabug and Magneton needed to be leveled up in a specific location to evolve. Game Freak changed that by also allowing them to evolve with a Thunder Stone in generation eight, and those changes stuck.

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