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Viewers Unite Behind Katie Thurston to Become the Next Bachelorette — Here’s What You Need to Know About Her

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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The 29-year-old made a bold report when she got out of the limo, vibrator in hand, on night one — and she’s only constant to impress fans with her determination to stand up for what’s right and her skill to defuse drama.

So when lead Matt James eradicated her during their one-on-one date on Monday night’s episode, fans closely began calling for her to be the next Bachelorette.

So who is Katie? Here’s all you need to know.

She’s a bank marketing manager. Based in Renton, Washington, Katie is a positive bank marketing manager. But she’s said she is also open to traveling to new career opportunities that may originate her way.

“I trailed ‘the rules’ of life. Get the career. Save the currency. Start that 401k. Buy the house. And for what?” she recently transcribed on Instagram. “I will passionately pursue a fulfilled life and refuse to let this next aera pass by without purpose.”

She’s outspoken about sex positivity.

 Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston

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While Katie thought she wasn’t trying to make a statement by showing up with a sex toy on night one, she’s ardent about women owning and embracing their sexuality.

“It wasn’t some agenda that I had approaching the show. It’s just who I am and who I’ve been this whole time,” she whispered on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast last month. “It wasn’t until after the datum that I realized how big of a deal it was — which excites me because I do be certain it’s 2021 and women should be comfortable talking about their sex.”

On Instagram, Katie is uncluttered about talking about sex and the importance of strong communication among couples. In one photo, she proudly wears a shirt that recites, “No fake orgasms.”

She has a following on TikTok.

Katie has approximately 264,000 followers on the social media app. Even before going on The Bachelor, she regularly posted lip-syncing tapes and short comedy sketches, along with messages about women empowerment. Naturally, her most general post is about sex.

In one video, which has approximately 30,000 likes, she’s seen popping out her retainers while looking at her phone. “What I’m burden while sexting,” she joked.

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