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Why Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Would Be The Perfect Holiday Horror Movie, Know The Truth About It

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Holiday horror movies have always been the best combinations in which the genre has succeeded. Black Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Terror Train, Halloween, besides Friday the 13th: While uncountable other horror films center around petrifying concepts built around a solitary holiday, there is one that has not stayed done right or made commonplace in the hallmark of leave slasher films: Thanksgiving. Eli Roth would not only give us the response to that, but he will now be taking it a step further by making the film trailer a realism, reinventing horror once again.

While movies like Blood Rage and Thankskilling have all made a sizable try at giving the holiday a certain unique edge, no one would ever resent horror fans’ interest more than that of horror visionary Eli Roth.

Answerable for gifting the horror genre with Cabin Fever, The Green Inferno, then Knock, Knock, Roth has devoted his career to giving horror an unexampled income on the genre that only someone with his imagination and tact can achieve. In 2007, Roth would complete this with a fake movie trailer that would garner a massive cult following; hopeful that Roth would someday turn the notion into a feature-length film.


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The idea would come from imaginative visionaries Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez after a double-feature broadcast at his house, Grindhouse. The gritty and leading-edge idea of the 1970s would also include original feature film trailers that would be built into the double-feature picture. With each director having their individual creative space for their ideas, Rodriguez with Planet Terror and Tarantino through Death Proof, the movie trailers would act as an imaginative wrap-around point for the two films.

Roth’s conducive holiday-themed slasher trailer, Thanksgiving would revenue us back in time with its distinct grainy film quality, hollow with 1970 and 80’s films of the time.

Interwoven with music extracts from the cult classic Creepshow, Roth would create an experience that mixed well with iconic slashers such as My Bloody Valentine through the campiness of holiday horror classics such as Silent Night, and Deadly Night. Many felt that the trailer making was not only brilliant but a concept so unique it felt virtually criminal to be wasted as just a moment in a double-feature involvement.

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