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Check Out This Viral Video of a Woman Who Walked Through an Airport Wearing Just a Bikini and Faces Mask – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! | Watch Now

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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The short video clip shows off a blonde woman wearing an olive-green bikini, a look mask, and carrying a backpack combined with a handbag can be seen strolling through the airport.

A video of a woman strolling right through the Miami airport in the US dressed in just a bikini and a face mask has come off the internet by storm. The video went virus-related after it was shared on Instagram by a sketch named Humans of Spirit Airlines and it was shared with the caption, “At least she’s wearing a mask”.

The short movie clip shows a blonde woman dressed in an olive-green bikini, a face mask, and carrying a bag and a handbag can be seen strolling through the airport. The viral video to has a caption mentioned on the video and it speaks, “When you have a pool party at noon time and a Spirit Airlines flight to grab at 4 pm,”

The viral video has got many funny responses from netizens and while numerous users said that the woman was in the wake of the CDC guidelines by wearing the face mask, several others stated that she must have been stopped from staying on the plane. Even though there have been no rumors of whether the woman flyer was staying on a Spirit Airlines flight, the US airline has become rather of a figure of fun for social media users, who often post strange goings-on on Spirit flights.

“A guest intends to not be authorized to board the aircraft or might be required to leave behind an airliner if that guest … is barefoot or poorly dressed, or whose clothing is lewd, obscene, or attack in natural history,” read a Spirit Airlines’ Contract of Transport, that was published earlier this holiday.


Though, as her itsy bitsy, teenie weenie airport attire may say leftover little to the imagination, she was even right now wearing a face mask in submission by Federal Aviation Administration directives, the Insta account — one of numerous relocation the peculiar peccadillos of frequent flyers — famous. The Transportation Security showed in August that flyers who break mask prescribes can be fined from $250 to $1,500

Meanwhile, when went by The Post for comment, a spokesman for Spirit Airlines thought the viral video is “unverified” but not startling given the thirsty nature of social media.

“This current account often falsely attributes photos along with videos to Spirit Airlines,” the rep told The Post. “The video could get been done at any time or any place and it has no distinguishing representative of any airline. I check, and we have no world record of this on record.”

But if she were directing the airline, Spirit’s contract of air states that travelers may be prevented from settling on an airplane or even ended off if they are “barefoot or inadequately clad” or in sports clothing that “is lewd, rude, or offensive in nature.”

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