A New Xiaomi Mi Router Featuring A SIM Card Slot Has Just Leaked

Xiaomi has been quite busy this year with a ton of new products released for the public ranging from the Pocophone F1 to the Mi Band. The company has definitely stepped up its game and now aims to target the European audience. Xiaomi products tend to provide a quality experience at very accessible prices. The brand has made its way into the Asian markets and now we expect to see more from them at an international level thanks to record sales reported.

Xiaomi apart from smartphones and consumer appliances also produces Wi-Fi routers. The routers just like every other Mi product provide an excellent experience at a very affordable price point. The latest Mi router being the Mi Router 4C priced just RMB 79. According to a Weibo post by Xiaomi’s Tang Mu, Vice President of the company’s Ecological Chain a new router is expected to make its way into the consumer markets.
A New Xiaomi Mi Router Featuring A SIM Card Slot Has Just Leaked 4
The leaked images show a Sim card slot in the back with omnidirectional antennas which most probably support a 2.4GHz connection with up to 300Mbps with IEEE 802.11 b/n/n. We have two LAN ports in the back with the standard WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption. The Sim card option opens up a lot of opportunities. With 5G technology right around the corner and various other companies working actively to bring the service early next year, the router will certainly gain popularity. Verizon has reportedly experimented the first 5G video call which means that we’ll be hearing more about it sooner than later. Xiaomi plans on bringing 5G to their Mi MiX 3 which will further encourage the brand to launch more 5G oriented products not only for the Asian region but internationally as well.

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