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Get Top-of-the-line Protection for Your New Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and Ultra With These Carefully Curated Cases!

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The Galaxy S23 has inwards and if you’re here, you’re probably looking for a new situation for whatever S23 model you’ve acquired. There are certainly a lot of Galaxy S23 cases to choose from, and we’re now nearsighted some case makers add magnetic properties to their suitcases so you can use them not only through Apple MagSafe accessories but non-Apple compelling accessories like wallets, batteries, and attitudes.

Finding a case that fits your economy is important, but there are certain case landscapes you may want to consider. For sample, Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 Ultra owners may want an instance with an integrated kickstand because they’re larger phones (the Ultra in particular) that you’ll want to prop up while watching videocassettes. That said, case choice comes down to individual taste, which is why I’ve tried to comprise a variety of styles in this roundup.

Note that, for now, the references for these Galaxy S23 series cases are grounded on my experience using nearly identical mockups with preceding Galaxy smartphones, using well as iPhones. The cases underneath are listed at the starting price for the line, so make sure you’re procuring the case that matches your S23. The same goes for tempered glass for extra protection — match the size to the exact model of your S23, whether that’s the Ultra, Plus, or improper model.

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I regularly update this best Samsung situation roundup with new picks as more contenders arrive.

Leading case-maker Speck brings an assortment of protective case options to the Galaxy S23, with the Presidio2 Grip (shown in blue), Presidio Perfect-Mist then Presidio Perfect-Clear.

new Samsung phone

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All the new models have very respectable drop protection (from 13 to 16 feet, liable on the model) as well as Speck’s Microban antimicrobial varnish. The cases start at around $40 in various color selections, and Speck frequently offers discounts to first-time consumers on its site.

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Clckr’s cases feature a built-in kickstand in addition grip strap that folds out and clicks into place on the vertebra of your phone. Clckr sells just the stand/strap decoration to stick on the back of your phone (or on a case), but the Galaxy S23 Rich case with the integrated kickstand accessory is improved and also comes in a Textured version if translucency is not your thing. I wouldn’t say the suitcases are super protective but they’re sturdy enough, with high edges to protect the screen.

With the stand ticked in place, you can use your device hands-free in either portrayal or landscape mode. Note that you can wirelessly charge your telephone with this case on, though you have to be warier about placing it in the right spot on a wireless charging pad for it to exert.

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