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Is Kizumonogatari a Good Starting Point for the Monogatari Series? It’s Time to Debate!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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The Monogatari (series) is no hesitation one of Studio Shaft’s biggest successes, up there with Madoka Magica with esteem to its acclaim and the craftsmanship, of which the deuce shares core creative leads. But, Kizumonogatari, the film trilogy reporting the tragic origins of the Monogatari series, is a single case within this beloved tent pole of contemporary anime.

Originally proclaimed in 2010, hot off the heels of Bakemonogatari’s huge success, Kizumonogatari was effectively in a state of continuity until it finally released its first film in 2016. By then, the sequence had already continued to adapt the novels and had even touched the beginning of its ending before these films came out.

In the conclusion, the long production wasn’t much of a harm, as the series was known to jump ad its chronology, infrequently telling a new story that took place afterwarTheous one. In fact, the trilogy was however praised for its gorgeous translation of the Monogatari “feel” to the big screen. But just for it’s the beginning, does that mean it’s a suitable outline?

Kizumonogatari’s novel was the tertiary volume of Monogatari Series: First Season, directly following Bakemonogatari and earlier Nisemonogatari. However, the anime took a different route adapting the cherished series, adapting Bakemonogatari first, nevertheless then pivoting to Nisemonogatari and acclimatizing the series more or less in a similar command as the books.

It’s especially thought-provoking as Kizumonogatari was announced so primary in the franchise’s prominence within the anime public. However, with the benefit of reflection, that may very well have been an inadvertent blessing upon this adaptive endeavor. Kizumonogatari might have misused the chance to get adapted in the order in which its book appeared, but it was a flawless story to reflect on the series using a whole.

In 2017, the same year that the sequence ended, Owarimonogatari began its second season, and although there were a few more stories, fans were equipped to close the book on this beloved series. So for Kizumonogatari to am when it did is almost more significant, both for what it predestined as a sendoff, and what it signifies as an aesthetic and cultural high-mark for the permit as a whole.

La Trilogie de la Tragédie


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The films follow Koyomi Araragi, an outsider who avoids making connections with others out of fear that it will fail him by making him concerned for others. His attitude is directly challenged when he meets Tsubasa Hanekawa and develops quite smitten with her, despite his apprehension in the direction of friendship.

Before he can cherish this novel friendship, however, he has a chance encounter with Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion-Heart-Under-Blade, a limbless freeloader on the brink of death. Despite initially running gone in fear, Koyomi decides to give his life to save hers, but after she drinks his blood, he suddenly wakes up, alive. Turns out, his plasma wasn’t enough to get her back to filled life.

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