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Samsung Releases Its Latest ISOCELL Camera Sensors – Introduces The Industry’s First 64MP Sensor

Samsung has always had a lust for being the best and to be the leading manufacturer when it comes to raw innovation. This lust has led them to work tirelessly into bringing new innovations and technologies to the general consumer base such as the punch hole display, 1TB of the internal display, the first ever ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and much more.

Today, Samsung has just released the industry’s first 64MP camera. Powered by Samsung’s ISOCELL GW1 technology the sensor becomes the first ever to reach such high pixel count. Along with that, the manufacturer has also released a 48 MP Bright GM2 ISOCELL sensor. The 64MP behemoth would be able to take ultra high-resolution images in bright light situations while lowlight conditions would downgrade the resolution to 16MP.

Both the sensors support real-time HDR while adopting Samsung’s tetra cell technology for low light photography. The ISOCELL sensors by Samsung have always given tough times to the Sony IMX sensors and the competition among both the brands has been staggering. With the introduction of an ultra crisp and sharp sensor, Samsung has laid down a new foundation for upcoming smartphones.

The 64MP pixel count is a decent step up from the 48MP sensors which we’ve seen in most devices these days. The technology is expected to be mass produced by the second half of 2019 and would be experimented most probably on the Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A series smartphones have been the lab rats for Samsung these past couples of years and we expect them to test out the sensor first in one of their Galaxy A series devices later this year.

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