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Did Pique Foot the Bill for Clara Chia’s Cosmetic Surgery? If So, What Procedures Did the 23-year-old Undergo?

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Condemning the former Barcelona star, Jordi wrote a letter speaking to Shakira and Gerard Pique has been making banners for a long time. The duo parted customs and it became a public affair in place of The Hips Don’t Lie singer suspects the former Barcelona guard of cheating. As soon as the newsflash surfaced, Shakira’s fans were speedy to send hatred to Pique.

After their shocking split, Shakira slammed her ex-partner in her modern song. Shakira’s ‘Diss’ tune was a direct dig at Gerard Pique then the song went on to break many archives on Youtube. Now, after being smashed by Shakira in her latest track, the Barcelona defender is o’er under fire for allegedly paying for Clara Chia Marti’s first cosmetic surgery. Scroll down to recite the deets.

Gerard over his split from Shakira and his new romance with Clara.


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“Many people care near you, but I still think what I forecast 12 years ago. That this relationship stood too big for you. That you had a humbleness complex with Shakira. You felt tiny next to her,” transcribed Jordi.

“You wanted a 23-year-old girl to laugh at you. You are undeveloped. Shakira doesn’t need anyone to salary for her cosmetic touch-ups,” he added.

“I think you salaried for Clara’s lips a few days ago, didn’t you? You had to pull strings to hire Clara in your company and then put her in a position that even her contemporaries at Kosmos don’t understand.”

This comes after Shakira affronted Gerard and Clara in her new track Out of Your League, a partnership of the singer the Argentinian producer, and DJ Bizarrap.

In her song, Shakira sings, “You dealt a Ferrari for a Twingo. You operated a Rolex for a Casio.”

Well, it’s no extensive secret that Gerard Pique besides Clara Chia partakes been in the eye of the tempest newly. The couple is again completely over the newscast for not-so-good reasons. Pique has allegedly paid for Chia’s first-ever beautifying operation through the Spanish journalist Jodi Martin of’ Socialite labeled’. The report liberated by the Spanish journalist read, “Many people nutrition you, but I still think what I foretold 12 years ago. That this relationship is too great for you.

That you had an inferiority compound with Shakira. You felt tiny following her.” He wrote, “You needed a 23- year -old girl to joke at you. You are immature and Shakira doesn’t need anyone to pay for her enhancing touch-ups. I think you paid for Clara’s lips a scarce days ago, didn’t you?”

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