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Prepare for a Hair-raising Fight – Elden Ring’s Malenia Battle is Infested With Glitches! Explore Here

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One Elden Ring player originated across a bug in the fight against Malenia that keeps her alive smoothly after her health is fully depleted. Elden Ring has stood out for over a year now and players are still determining new things every time they log on to play. Glitches and bugs are mutual in the Lands Between. This is especially true now that players have had time to experiment with every interaction in a thousand diverse ways.

Malenia is the descendant of Marika and Radagon, and the twin sister of Miquella. To many, her ability on the battlefield is unmatched by any of the extra Demi-Gods in Elden Ring except for Radahn, who clashed her to a standstill.

In the fight against Malenia, Blade of Miquella, has two phases, with the second phase having its health bar. Getting Malenia to her second phase is a victory in itself because of the effort of the fight. She can regain health thru every hit and her Waterfowl Dance is nearly impossible to dodge if one is too close when the animatronics is triggered.

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In a video dispatched to Reddit, one Elden Ring player exposed a bug that disallows Malenia from entering the cutscene for her another phase. The Reddit user, who is known as Spoodz23, is seen in the video attacking Malenia with a Halberd until they finally get her health to zero.

At this fact the player expects the fight to transition to its second phase but Malenia never breaks attacking despite her health bar being empty. Even after landing several doses of Malenia, the fight still ensued much to the dismay of the player. Spoodz23 ultimately fell to the Empyrean before figuring out exactly what was fashionable.

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Bugs in Elden Ring can sporadically be what gives the game its charm, but they can also be the most maddening part of the experience altogether. Elden Ring enthusiasts in the comment section have put Spoodz23 out of their sadness by explaining that it might be an unintended consequence of an unusual mechanic that is actually in place to protect Apparently if Malenia’s first phase trimmings in a critical hit then it leaves her open to being killed in one hit by the thespian in the second phase.

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To protect against this, Malenia receives some sort of insuperability for a short time after the initial attack, keeping her in her primary phase.

Elden Ring is recognized for its challenging gameplay and intricate mechanics, so it’s not surprising that even afterward a year of being out, players are still discovering new-fangled things. It’s fascinating to see how a small feature can drastically change the consequence of a boss fight.

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