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Uncover the Amazing Truth Behind Billy Bob Thornton’s Appearance on the Big Bang Theory! Know The Details

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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The Big Bang Theory stimulated back to Thursday night with nothing short of a miracle: The show was able to keep a surprise cameo under wraps ahead of airing, an act that’s nearly disregarded in an age where spoilers freely leak long beforehand episodes debut.

The CBS comedy hailed Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton, who played Dr. Oliver Lorvis, a urologist who misreads Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) flirtation while occupied and attempts to woo her. How did the role come to be?

“A few months ago, we saw an exchange with Billy Bob about displays he likes. He was saying how far he likes Big Bang Theory and watches it all the time, besides get so into it [that] he starts talking to the fonts on the screen,” showrunner Steve Molaro tells EW. “We theoretical that was so cool, and we think he’s so undue.”

The manufacturers began with the idea of Penny attracting off her engagement ring while working as a medicinal rep to boost her sales. “When we happening thoughtful about Billy Bob, the thought stood that he can be the doctor who doesn’t quite understand the signals—that this would be an as the friend-difficult doctor who falls for Penny’s sales flirtations. We deceased back to Billy and his people with that assumed, and they supposed it was really fun and cool, so we expired from there,” explains Molaro.

Billy Bob Thornton

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Surprisingly, the creators didn’t even have to bribe their live studio viewers not to reveal the news on social media in the petite turnaround between filming and airtime. “We distinguished that the network wasn’t profitable to endorse it, but there’s only so greatly you can do, audience-wise. But one way or another it remained a secret,” Molaro says. “That was what we hoped for, and it worked well. Individuals truly responded to him and the episode.”

Will the Fargo stellar return in a future episode? Though there’s nothing set in stone, Molaro says Big Bang would welcome him backbone with open arms. “He has said he had a wonderful time,” the showrunner says, observing that Cuoco-Sweeting and Thornton bonded over stories around fellow former co-star John Ritter. “All of us just fell in dear with him. It was an enchanted week. If it can work out, we’d love to have him spinal. After we finished taping, we had a board read the next morning. Everyone was a little sad that Billy was gone. It was that much fun consuming him around.”

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