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Developers have already started working with Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio

Undoubtedly, Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio is one of the biggest leaps in performance for a gaming console. At E3 2016, Microsoft announced an Xbox consoles is in the works that has 6TFLOPs of compute power resting in it. After a long run of questions from various sources, there wasn’t much news about Xbox’s Scorpio. However, it seems like Xbox’s Phil Spencer has just shed some light onto the Xbox Scorpio.

The Xbox Scorpio was designed to provide a big leap of performance in consoles. With the rumors of PlayStation’s Neo leaking out, Microsoft just had to tackle it with a more capable console that could handle native 4k gaming and VR. Some developers were asked about how they feel about the new powerful consoles? Till now, I would call it a mixed opinion, but overall, it has received positive feedback from the developers.

One user tweeted to Phil Spencer asking:

“Are devs already working on Scorpio or not yet?”

Fortunately, Phil Spencer replied, confirming the existence of the Scorpio by replying:

“Yes, hardware, platform and games”

It seems like the developers have already started to get their hands on the Xbox Scorpio. With big developers like EA being positive about the new refreshes, it seems like they are happy with the new power these consoles have. With good optimization of the hardware, software and the games itself, we could finally unlock the potential of the longevity of these consoles. And if the claims are true, we could be seeing the Scorpio lasting in our lounges for years to come with the ability to run games at 4k and support VR.

Let’s just continue and look forward to the future as Sony also seems to take a different path by collecting their own exclusives with their own exclusive PlayStation VR headset. That’ll also be interesting.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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