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PlayStation 4 Players Managed to Discover 10M species in No Man’s Sky

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It was pretty evident by online sources and Hello Games that No Man’s Sky isn’t a small game. As the the game is procedurally generated in real-time, the game has a massive number of planets, more than 18 quintillion in fact (Polygon).

The game has been released since 24 hours now, and gamers have already discovered over 10 million species in No Man’s Sky, says Sean Murray on Twitter

Sean Murray seems be in a shock that players have already discovered 10M species already within such a short period of time just on the PS4. The PC release is just around the corner, with it’s release date being confirmed on 12th August by Sean Murray. It’ll be exciting to see how well the PC Gamers discover the planets, especially considering that the servers between the Playstation 4 and PC aren’t linked.

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Additionally, in an interview with IGN, Sean Murray also confirmed that there almost no chance for any player to meet each another in this huge galaxy since everyone will spawn separately on a different planet. However, on the first day, two streamers managed to meet each another on live stream which is just amazing as a matter of a fact.

No Man’s Sky allows you to search for nearby players. But meeting one another so soon is just amazing. There’s still much to discover in No Man’s Sky. Let’s see how much of the hype passes onto the PC players. Nonetheless, great achievement by Hello Games.

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No Man’s Sky is currently out on the PlayStation 4 and will release on the 12th August on the PC.


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