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Nintendo To Launch The Switch Mini In 2019

Nintendo has been enjoying a lot of success with their latest console, the Switch. Earlier today, it was found that Nintendo had sold over 960,000 units of the hybrid console and is supposed to bring back Nintendo into the game.

Alongside the release of the Nintendo Switch, we saw quite a slew of titles that should be arriving later this year. Additionally, Nintendo has slightly switched up their game by working with third-party developers as well. Considering the internals of the Nintendo Switch, it’s easy to understand why Nintendo is sticking with 720/1080p gaming.

Being a hybrid console, it supposed to play games on the go which require a decent amount of horsepower along with some careful power management. As of now, Nintendo’s Switch is a hit in the US and in Japan according to recent reports and also forces Nintendo to keep up with the demand of the console.

Nintendo To Launch The Switch Mini In 2019 4

However, according to a report, it is believed that Nintendo is working on the Nintendo Switch Mini that obviously shrinks the footprint of the console further. However, the console isn’t coming anytime soon. Although users who are really keen should be better off with a Nintendo Switch for now afterall.

Now how and where they will cut down the corners is a story that’s far from our conception and should be ignored for now if this remains true. The Nintendo Switch Mini is believed to be released in March 2019.

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