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Ubisoft Gets A New Logo

Logos are very important to a brand. They create symbol of recognition about what a brand is and they offer. Today, Ubisoft announced a new logo that would now lead as the recognition symbol for Ubisoft.

Ubisoft Gets A New Logo 4

Carrying the same characteristics as the previous Ubisoft logo, the new Ubisoft logo features a much more simplified and minimalist design. Ubisoft has matured after all of these years, from the Rayman rainbow, to the blue swirl that they introduced in 2003. It’s finally time for Ubisoft to hop onto the minimalist bandwagon. And that’s a great thing.

Ubisoft should be implementing these new logos in their upcoming projects giving Ubisoft a new era of trust and recognition. Afterall, the 2003 Ubisoft swirl had to be updated some day.

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