CSGO YouTuber TheWarOwl Is Taking a Break From YouTube For a While

If you’re a CS:GO fan, you probably know TheWarOwl. He’s one of the most popular CS:GO YouTubers, with over one million subscribers from all over the world. After a series of events, WarOwl announced on his Twitter yesterday that he’s going to take a break from YouTube for a while. This news is pretty heartbreaking for many people, as they have learned a lot about Counter-Strike from TheWarOwl.

He’s taking a break from YouTube and possibly from Twitch too because of the recent “SoloQ” matches he has played in CS:GO. YouTube’s recent algorithm change to only monetize “family-friendly” videos may also be one of the reasons because some of WarOwl’s videos got demonetized by YouTube.

According to WarOwl, he has over 5,000 hours in CS:GO and he has achieved the highest possible rank, but despite all the effort he has put into the game, he couldn’t beat an “Eagle-level” player. During a three-hour long Twitch stream last night, WarOwl said:

If I’m gonna be making videos about Counter-Strike, I have to be able to play the game and not suck at it. I have 5,000 hours in the game and I can’t beat an Eagle-level player when I’ve been Global Elite the entire time since the damn game came out.

Something happened where everybody else is amazing at the game now or I got really really bad, despite all the time and effort I’ve put into it. So it’s at the point now where it’s just, why keep going?

On his Reddit post last night, WarOwl wrote:

[With] the combined stress of streaming, getting pwned at CS:GO, and a bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes with my channel, [it] finally got to the breaking point and I acted like a whiny bitch on stream. I admit it! I think a good entertainer can leave that stuff behind the scenes and still put on a good show, [but] I failed at that. I gotta get my s**t together.

We don’t know for how long he’ll be gone. However, we do hope that he comes back stronger than ever. For more, keep it set on GeeksULTD.




Afrasiyab Khan

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