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Valve’s Adds The Classic MP5 SMG Back Into CSGO

Counter Strike has been Valve’s best selling and trending franchise and Counter Strike itself plays an important role in the existence of international E-Sports. Valve however has approached Counter Strike in a questionable way these past couple of years.

 Recently they added the “Horizon Case” with the inclusion of quite a handful of new knives. Credit has to be given where due and valve has done a wonderful job keeping the CS:GO community alive and busy. With the trends going for battle royale games CS:GO has aged extremely well with the “Panorama UI” update valve further polished the game and kept it fresh.

All this doesn’t mean that they are doing the right thing. Being a hardcore CS player it breaks my heart to see that instead of targeting the much important issues about the game they’ve still chosen to neglect them and added a new weapon instead. For a game which was released back in 2012 and comprises of more that 400k players on steam Valve still chooses to add a new SMG to the game. While the game remains unbalanced in so many different ways all we can do is either hate on Valve or go with the flow.

The new MP5-SD is here and is replacable for the MP7 slot on both The Terrorists & The Counter Terrorists. After using the weapon we instantly realize that the MP7 and the new MP5 are totally apposite, while the MP7 offers incredible fire rate with a minimalist recoil the MP5-SD trades damage and fire rate with mobility and accuracy. One more difference is that the MP5 will comprise of a suppressor attached to the weapon by default.

The MP5-SD is available instantaneously for deathmatch and casual matchmaking and will soon be considered for competitive matchmaking once valve recieves enough feedback from players.

A lot of players won’t be happy with how Valve operates around Counter Strike. All we can do is just hope that Valve listens to the community and adds updates fixing up all of the bugs and glitches unfamiliar to none.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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