PUBG Will Not Come With Any Form Of Aim-Assist On The Xbox One

After the massive success the developers at Bluehole made with the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Bluehole Studios decided to get Xbox One gamers enjoy the games. With the game surpassing both of Vavle’s crowning titles, the game set new records in terms of peak player counts for itself just last week after it surpassed Dota 2. With the game getting closer to its release the game is set to win the hearts of Xbox gamers.

In a recent overview done by the folks at Windows Central, the game seems to not have any aim-assist in the game. The editor at Windows Central, Matt Brown said:

In its current state, there’s little to no aim assist on the Xbox One version

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He then further added:

Although controlling PUBG with an Xbox One controller takes some getting used to as an existing PC player, it’s impressive that all core mechanics have made the transition. That being said, some functionality has clearly been crammed to fit across a controller, as seen with multiple actions bound to a single button.

Being a title that’s making its way into the e-Sports genre, the title is supposed to cater Xbox One and PC gamers alike. The competitiveness that would be involved in playing PUBG on the Xbox One X would be striking if Bluehole pulls it off well. There’s definitely a lot of expectations going into the game especially when you factor-in the confirmation that PUBG would be an Xbox One X enhanced title pushing the graphics farther for those who own the Xbox One X and a 4K TV by the time it launches.

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