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COD:WWII Overtakes Super Mario Odyssey Sales In Japan While Switch Dominates

With the COD franchise returning back to its roots this year with the release of WWII, gamers are eager to finally see the COD franchise back in action. After receiving a ton of criticism from their previous titles, the COD franchise had to make a comeback after Battlefield 1 released last year. With COD:WWII focusing on World War II for its campaign and environment, players of the title are really looking forward to find out what Activision has in store for them.

While we did expect huge numbers from North American gamers, we finally learnt that Japanese gamers couldn’t resist the title either. According to a Japanese market research company, M-create, Call Of Duty World War II sold over 168k copies on the PlayStation 4 within a period of just 48 hours. Not only did Call Of Duty WWII take first place in Japan’s weekly sales through the 30th of October – 5th of November 2017, but trumped Super Mario Odyssey sales during the same period. Super Mario Odyssey pushed its way into second place closing the week with 116k units sold.

Rank Game Sales
1 Call of Duty World War II 168, 324
2 Super Mario Odyssey 116, 931
3 .hack // GU Last Recode 61, 616
4 Girls Mode 4 Star ☆ Stylist 32, 176
5 Splatoon 2 23,557
6 ARK: Survival Evolved 23,370
7 Assassin’s Creed Origins 22,272
8 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 15, 913
9 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux 9, 798
10 Gran Turismo SPORT 9,045

However, Nintendo Switch sales remain unaffected so far. Taking a look at the hardware sales from the same period reveal the usual hardware sales with Switch dominating the sales, followed by the PlayStation 4 and the rest of the squad.

Device Sales
Nintendo Switch 64, 387
PS4 21, 830
New 3DS LL 11, 116
New 2DS LL 7, 914
PS4 Pro 6993

The Nintendo Switch continues to win the hearts of its fans. Considering what we’ve been recording since the past few months, the Nintendo Switch is selling three times as many consoles as the PlayStation 4. What’s important right now for Nintendo is to keep the momentum high with the releases. While on the other side regarding PlayStation 4 sales, a number of players already own the console. Indeed some excellent numbers in favor of Activision from Japanese gamers. Can’t wait to see what’s about to come ahead in 2017.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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