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Galaxy S9 Renders Suggest A Chinless Future For Samsung

Fans are eager to find out what Samsung has to offer in 2018 with the release of the S9. With speculations stating to rise as we enter 2018, the tech community is going wild in speculating Samsung’s upcoming moves for the S series successor.

Galaxy S9 Renders Suggest A Chinless Future For Samsung 1

With the famous Chinese tipster rolling the S9 rumor mill, it seems like the spicy Korean giant is about to push the display game even further. Recently, the tipster has suggested that the Samsung would be adding a red color to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Alongside, the tipster also suggested that we should be looking forward to 21:9 displays in the Samsung Galaxy S9, a display resolution that pushes the immersive experience to new levels for PC gamers.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Render
Render Of The Samsung Galaxy S9 Suggesting a 21:9 Display

What’s worth mentioning is that the infamous tipster has done some credible leaks in the past over at a Chinese forum called Weibo, so this isn’t something that was pulled out of the Saharas.

Considering what Samsung has been doing recently with the Samsung Galaxy S8, it seems like with the Rose Pink Samsung Galaxy S8 release, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Samsung to try out some new colors. And with almost all major Android OEMs jumping aboard onto the bezel-less display trend, it seems like Samsung would want to be a step ahead of the competition. A 21:9 display wouldn’t only kill off the unusual 18.5:9 display ratio, but would rejuvenate 21:9 displays making it a proper standard. Indeed something I would want to crave for.

Considering that they want to stick to 1440p, that would mean that we could be looking at a 21:9 3440 x 1440 pixel layout for their upcoming displays.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Logo Leaked
Rumors suggest that this would be the S9’s logo

Let’s just hope that all of this goes into the favour of this tipster. Especially with all of the rumors that we have collected, we know that the rumor mill has started rolling. However, this might be too early for speculations.

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