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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Variants Names & Models Leaked – Dubbed As S10, S10 Lite & Plus

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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup still has a few months to go before anything goes official. However, as we head deeper into 2018, leaks and rumors regarding Samsung’s tenth-anniversary flagship aren’t slowing down. In a new update published by SamMobile, SamMobile has listed three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10 along with their model numbers and rumored model names.

We’ve learned earlier that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would come in three variants, codenamed “Beyond”. The three phones are codenamed beyond 0, 1 and 2, and are carrying G790F, G975F, and G973F as their model numbers. The three names that would mask the codename and model numbers are the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 Lite. Yes, that’s what it seems to be called, at least according to what SamMobile has just published.

The three alleged envious models of the Galaxy S10. | SamMobile

We’ve learned from leaks so far that each model, starting from the beyond 0 would be unique in their own manner. Furthermore, the beyond 0, would be the entry-level S10 variant out of the three. Leaks have so far suggested that the beyond 1 and beyond 2 would most likely pack an under-display fingerprint sensor and that all three devices would have a different number of camera sensors at the back, with the beyond 0 featuring a single camera sensor, the beyond 1 with a dual camera setup at the back, and a triple camera setup reserved for the beyond 2.

We’re pretty certain that if true, the beyond 0 would most likely be called the Galaxy S10 Lite carrying the SM-G973F model number. Regarding the other two, the Galaxy S10 would most likely be the beyond 1 featuring a dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner. While the Galaxy S10 Plus would be considered the highest-end variant of the three featuring a triple camera sensor at its rear and an under-display fingerprint sensor.

As Samsung bakes its goodies with the launch of the Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9, there’s a ton of expectations from Samsung to be met now that the competition has toughened and the fact that Samsung has to celebrate its tenth anniversary since the Galaxy S series first debuted. As one of Samsung’s reps pointed out to us, the Galaxy A7 and A9 would most likely serve as puppets to improve the cameras on the Galaxy S10.

There’s no telling if Samsung would be shaking up the display on the Galaxy S10 as well. The Galaxy Note 10 is said to feature a larger 6.66-inch display with a new display ratio. The two alleged display ratios allegedly coming to the Galaxy Note 10 are said to be 19.5:9 and 19:9. We’ve already done our math predicting that the Galaxy Note 10 would feature a 3120 x 1440 display compared to the Note 9’s 2960 x 1440 display. If we do see the same display make its way to the Galaxy S10, although smaller, would be impressive to see it in action and how it would play out with Samsung’s design refinements.

Given that this would be Samsung’s tenth-anniversary device, there’s a chance that the Galaxy S10 may not be called the Galaxy S10 after all. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess, especially after Samsung called the S10 an unknown mythical creature.

We’re hoping to see a ton more from Samsung regarding the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10. And if you’re interested to have a look at the series of attacks Samsung launched towards Google’s Pixel 3 XL on Twitter, head here.


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