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Apple’s New A12X Bionic Kills The Desktop-Grade i5 8400 In Benchmarks

Apple just announced their latest fleet of devices from iPhones to iPads including the much awaited MacBook Air. The iPad has been the pioneer of tablet PCs ever since Steve Jobs showcased the first ever iPad. Apple devices aren’t generally known for their hardware but it’s their software which makes them highly efficient and snappy. The new iPad, however, is an exception to Apple’s success formula. The new iPad Pro packs a serious punch in terms of hardware outclassing its direct competitor from Microsoft, the Surface Pro 6.

The iPad throttled by the A12X Bionic chip featuring an octa-core CPU and a 7-core GPU crushes the geekbench results in both single core and multicore departments. The iPad Pro scores a handsome 5020 points in single core performance while the Surface scores a mere 4008. It is the multi-core performance where the A12X Bionic chip shines scoring a whopping 18217 points out doing the Surface’s 12965 points.
Apple's New A12X Bionic Kills The Desktop-Grade i5 8400 In Benchmarks 4
It has finally come to such a point that the iPad Pro may very well be compared to actual PCs. The A12X Bionic offers on par performance to the Intel Core i5 8500 CPU which is a full-fledged desktop processor and blows away the 8400 variant. The A12X Bionic not only competes against laptop processors but even puts the desktop ones to shame offering an unbeatable score of 5020 just shy of the 5083 scored by the Core i7 8559 U. This not only allows more resources for power intensive tasks such as but also questions the existence of mainstream PCs in the future distant future.

Apple has surely stepped up their game and the iPad Pro is unarguably the best tablet PC out there today. All that in a 5.9 mm thick shell is worth praising. All in all the future for Apple’s iPad looks great as and if competitors step up their game as a response then we may very well have a bigger market for tablet PCs.

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