Evan Blass is no stranger when it comes to leaking unreleased smartphones. However, Sony’s latest device, the XZ2, is a new breed from Sony that adapts to the trends of 2018.

Evan Blass has recently revealed a new render of the Xperia XZ2, a device that would hit the flagship market in 2018 and would cater Sony enthusiasts alike. Based on the render it seems like Sony has finally given up on the forehead and chin with the XZ2. While it may not be erased completely, it shows signs of Sony trying to embrace the trends.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Render | @evleaks

While many might love the design there’s still some work that Sony needs to put into these devices. And since its competing at at the top, Sony has to introduce some killer features with the XZ2 to make it a worthy pickup apart from Samung’s or Apple’s offerings.

Another thing that we do notice from the render apart from its curved is the placement of its fingerprint sensor. Sony has been implementing fingerprint sensors into their devices home buttons for quite a while now and according to the render it seems like Sony’s looking to part ways. Dual cameras are no where to be seen captivating on the idea that Sony might go Google’s Pixel route.

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