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Fortnite’s Update v5.40 Changes Teased – Storm To Damage Structures & Removes The Revolver

Fortnite is about to get its next update, dubbed as update 5.40. Now that Epic has received a ton of feedback and has noticed the behavior of players in the game, it seems like Epic is making some gameplay changes to shake up behavior in the game.

Today, the folks over at Epic Games released some information regarding what’s coming up in Update 5.40. One of the more interesting points noted by the developers over at Epic was the fact that the storm would now inflict damage upon player-built structures at the end of the game. This would force the game into a much more combat-focused victory rather than a build fight for who gains the high ground.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this from Epic. We’ve seen Epic make it clear that they do not want players to focus on building throughout the game but rather use their weapons to their expertise.

Other changes highlighted by the devs include the removal of the revolver, the ability to stack three large shields occupying a single slot from two shields previously and the fact that two boogie bombs would be available in two stacks whenever it is found from treasure chests.

Lastly, the folks over at Epic Games noted that they are planning to remove a few more guns from the game for Season 6 that would allow the game to be even more dynamic and engaging before. Since the guided missile made a comeback after a while, the folks over at Epic say that they would added them back at a later date.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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