Pocophone Head Is Looking For Developers – Invites Devs To Contribute Custom ROMs

The Pocophone F1 requires no introduction by this point. The phone is an absolute killer for the money. While it did feature some of the very best hardware, the company has received its fair share of criticism for disabling a number of features.

As promised by the folks over at Pocophone, it seems like users should now be able to unlock their bootloader within 72 hours with the help of Xiaomi’s tool. While the 72 hours may be a trainwreck for many enthusiastic users, it definitely seems to be on the higher-end of restrictions.

Despite that, the folks over at XDA have opened a separate section for the Pocophone F1 where users should be able to discuss about the device and  be able to access a plethora of custom ROMs from contributed from the community.

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Since the device was just added to the XDA forums, Pocophone’s Head, Jai Mani, has publicly reached out to developers asking them to contribute a few custom ROMs to the XDA site. On Twitter, Jai Mani tweeted:

Any ideas on how to kick start custom ROM development? Our index thread is completely empty

A number of veterans and developers have reach out and should now be on their way cultivating the enthusiastic craze for custom ROMs. While this may be great and all, many users have criticized the Pocophone Head for not offering their phones to many well-known developers in the Android community.

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If Xiaomi or Poco do change their stance, it would be interesting to see how this accelerates the rate of ROMs and tweaks across the board.

If you’ve managed to unlock the bootloader on the device, there’s a custom TWRP recovery available within the ROMs section of the XDA forums.


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