Sony Announces Spider-Man Themed PS4 Pro – Releases A Dynamic Theme For Fans

Less than 24 hours remain for Marvel’s Spider-Man to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4. One of the most awaited title for this year is right around the corner and the PS4 gets a Spider-Man Dynamic Theme. Illustrated By Legendary Artist Marko Djurdjevic.

Ready for fans to experience the full Spider-Man experience. Along with that Sony has announced a limited edition Spider-Man themed PS4 Pro bundle for pre-orders. The bundle will feature the Spider-Man game along with some additional digital content.


Spider-Man Themed PS4 Pro


It sure is an exciting moment for gamers worldwide for this title really raised the eyebrows of everyone at E3. Sony sure knows how to support and with this they are making sure that anyone who purchases the game gets the complete treatment.

Its not easy building up so much hype around a game which is going to release solely on the PlayStation but Sony has achieved that and this move will invite gamers from all platforms to try out the game.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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