PUBG Loses About One Third Of Its Player Base Since Peak – Sinks Further Throughout 2018

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is the second most popular game on the planet right now. After being succeeded by Epic Game’s Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has lost its momentum ever since. Back in June, we reported that PUBG has lost nearly 50% of its player base since its peak and it seems like that momentum isn’t slowing down as PUBG retains about 33% of its total player base on average right now.

Taking a look by the stats sourced by SteamCharts, PUBG is raked in about 535,780 players last month from 1,584,886 when it peaked in January this year. If we didn’t get our math wrong, that’s about 33% of its player base since it peaked earlier this year while 67% of its player base found its own ways. Sure, by gaming standards, PUBG is still the king on Steam raking in about 1.1 million players at best per day, but it seems like, with every month, players are finding their own ways.

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If we take a look at the statistics offered by SteamCharts, it isn’t hard to pinpoint the culprit. During the time of PUBG’s peak, Fortnite had been increasing is popularity exponentially aside with it. Soon after Fortnite took over the battle royale genre, Bluehole made a number of attempts to try and regain its former glory. Not only did the studio behind PUBG threaten to sue the folks over at Fortnite, but they soon dropped their case after deciding how awful of a decision that was.

Throughout 2017, PUBG was gaining about 60-70% more players every month before Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode made it to the scene. Epic Games announced the Battle Royale mode to Fortnite on September the 26th, 2017 and ever since Fortnite caught traction, PUBG’s numbers fell every month. If you a close look on December 2017 and January 2018, we notice very minor growth signals from PUBG and hit even harder when Fortnite made its way into China.

Regarding the current state of PUBG statistically, we’re looking at about 33% of PUBG players holding onto the game with the game often peaking the 1 Million mark during certain hours of the day. If we take a look at the peak number of players, the best the game has seen in its lifespan is 3,236,027 and the worst number it has seen by now is this month with the game still garnering a respectable 1,119,123 players at its peak.

Certainly, the folks over at Bluehole are well aware of the situation. What’s respectable to see from the folks over at Bluehole is the commitment they’ve started to put into PUBG ever since Fortnite’s heat got to them. Not only do they have their #FixPUBG program, but they’ve become way more active than they were before and have been updating the game ever since with new patches bringing in bug fixes, guns, cars, maps a number of different aspects into the game. Most recently, Bluehole announced a ranking system to PUBG that queues based on their ranks. In addition to that, they’ve added a few vehicles to the game such as the new Tukshai, a few guns such as the MK47 Mutant a ton more. They’ve picked up a ton lot.

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