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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and S8 Get Their 4k/60FPS treatment via a rootless method – Here’s how

The term 4k as of 2018 is casually thrown around but if we go a few years back, no one would have thought that a phone could achieve that mark.

The trend of last year focussed mainly on reaching the 4k/30fps mark but as time passed Qualcomm came up with complete support for 4k/60fps which wasn’t present previously. This enabled quite a lot of smartphones to support 4k/60fps completely. While Apple announced 4k/60fps support with the Xs, Xs Max & the XR this is bound to be the norm throughout 2018 and 2019 whether we see even higher framerates or not 4k/60fps seems sweet for now.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Dark Background Bixby
Samsung Galaxy S8 – CNet

However there sure is some good news for Galaxy S8 & Note 8 users. The last gen flagships by Samsung shipped with the Snapdragon 835 SoC & Exynos 8895 SoC depending on the carrier and region of the smartphone. It was statistically proven that Samsung’s Exynos processors had superior video encoding capabilities which could even at that time handle 4k/60fps. But Samsung decided to limit all smartphones to 4k 30fps to achieve stability all across the board.

This could prove to be a game changer for enthusiasts looking for an upgrade from their older devices. The Galaxy S8 still proves to be a very valid choice for users at a price point of $500. The inclusion of 4k/60fps makes the deal even sweeter than it already is.

However, Xda member  KunkerLV has provided us with an unofficial method to achieve 4k 60fps on the last gen lineup. The method only alters the script which locks the frame rate from 30fps to 60fps and non-power users should have no difficulty in enabling the option. Furthermore, this method does not require root access hence you will not void your warranty if you attempt to use it. This was simply achieved by adding a third party camera app and scripting the camera to record videos at 4k/60fps.

The Galaxy Note 9 & the S9 with the newer Exynos SoC’s by Samsung also have a superiority over the Snapdragon 835 and statistics show that these devices are very well capable of 4k/120fps. Now that is something which no other smartphone on the market can achieve.

Anyone having the Exynos SoC can visit here for complete method and details.

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