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Red Dead Redemption II Essentials Collection Up For Grabs Now

Red Dead Redemption is unarguably one of the most hyped up titles of 2018. With Rockstar in development of the game for over 6 years, everything had to be perfect. Rockstar itself has a long history of releasing complete titles which are developed in such a fashion that players are addicted to them. Red Dead Redemption is no exception and to spice things up Rockstar announced the “Outlaw Essential Collection”. Rockstar itself has added a ton of new features to the game by bringing a whole new multiplayer experience as well as much improved combat engine.

The Outlaw Collection not only features enthusiastic merchandise but also adds depth to the experience. The Zippo lighter, collapsible and even the themed candles add a certain luxury to the game itself. The game is available on Xbox & PS4 for now but we hope that Rockstar soon releases it for PC just like they did with GTA V. It is highly unlikely that this will happen since the previous version was a console exclusive but we never know.
Red Dead Redemption II Essentials Collection Up For Grabs Now 3
The good old-fashioned scented wax candles by “Joya” have the barrel, dynamite and glass theme all related to the in-game wild west world with amazing fragrances like sandalwood, violet leaf and juniper tar-scented to name a few. Moreover, Rockstar has done a splendid job on their metal key chains and pins. The Rockstar themed logos are engraved into the solid metal matching the red and black theme. The leather made iPhone and iPad cases stamped with the Red Dead Redemption logos provide an aesthetic look to your personal smart device.

Rockstar plans on adding more products to their collection in the near future and we hope to see even more merchandise worth drooling over from them. The products are available to purchase from the Rockstar Warehouse today. Furthermore, Rockstar is hosting a giveaway of many of the products on their Social Club section so don’t miss out on the chance to win amazing prizes.

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