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First Concepts Of Xiaomi’s Mi 9 With Triple Cameras Have Begun Emerging

Xiaomi and its pack of rivals from China have been kicking Apple and Samsung where it hurts. As we see the gap close between these Chinese OEMs and the rest of the world, consumers all around the world can’t help but appreciate the work that has gone into offering these amazingly competitive devices at budget prices. As we head towards 2019, renders and leaks regarding Xiaomi’s Mi 9 have begun to emerge.

Concept creator and leaker, Venya Geskin has just showcased a render of what seems to be the Mi 9 from Xiaomi along with a fairly detailed list of specs the Mi 9 may pack when it launches in Q2 2019. According to Venya Geskin, the Xiaomi Mi 9 would pack a healthy spec sheet consisting of a Snapdragon 8150/855, 6/8/10GB RAM, a 3700 mAh battery and a 6.4” AMOLED display. What’s interesting about his spec sheet is that he continues his spec sheet alleging that the Xiaomi Mi 9 would support Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0, wireless charging, 5G out of the box and would pack three freaking cameras on its rear.

And if you haven’t noticed, it seems like the render seems to be suggesting that the Mi 9 may feature a much smaller notch. A complete thumbs up from us. However, we’d love to see Xiaomi keep the IR camera for face unlock. If they do, it should be interesting.

First Concepts Of Xiaomi's Mi 9 With Triple Cameras Have Begun Emerging 4

In typical Xiaomi fashion, it seems to be everything we would have expected from the Mi 9 anyways. However, the spice here is the fact that the Mi 9 would support wireless charging out of the box and would also pack a triple rear camera set up at the back, something that we had never seen from Xiaomi nor its closest rival, OnePlus. However, the camera on the rear of the Xiaomi Mi 9 wouldn’t be any ordinary camera. According to the specs speculated earlier by the leakster, the Mi 9 would pack Sony’s new 48MP IMX 586 sensor under the hood. Since this definitely seems to be a simple blabber of speculations, what’s interesting is that we had done a similar roundup of what the OnePlus 7 may bring to the table a while ago consisting what OnePlus may be working on to set the OnePlus 7 apart from the competition. If any of the two bring something huge to the table again next year, this could be game-changing for the smartphone market, especially considering that Huawei is leading the pack right now.

With 2018 coming to an end, there’s a ton of anticipation from the big Apples from China as technologies such as 5G begin to roll out on major devices. OnePlus, Oppo and Xiaomi have kept their eyes keen on 5G so far and would most probably be rolling out their major devices early next year. Huawei, on the other hand, seems to be playing around with their 5G modem so far with reports alleging that the company is planning to release yet another flagship processor, dubbed as the Kirin 990, to pack its 5G modem within the SoC itself rather than dedicating a new chip for it next to the main SoC to enable 5G.

It’s about to be a wild year. And we can’t wait to see how it goes down, especially throughout the first half of 2019. By the way, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 just said Hi!

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