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DICE Improve Battlefield V’s Ray-Tracing / DXR Performance By 50%

DICE isn’t done with Battlefield V yet, that’s for sure. With the studio now focusing its efforts onto the game’s first major update, Overture, DICE has planned to improve the performance of Battlefield V’s ray-tracing capabilities for Nvidia’s series of RTX cards.

In a video showcase released today, DICE, in tandem with Nvidia, have finally managed to tame down the horrible framerates for Nvidia’s new series of GPUs. According to the folks over at DICE, with the help of Nvidia, they’ve managed to improve ray-tracing by over 50% and are continuing to work with Nvidia to expand the plain field based on how Battlefield V performs on Nvidia’s series of GPUs.

Throughout the showcase, DICE had a number of scenes and comparisons between the two modes where DICE was trying to show off how much of an improvement is about to come to Battlefield V with the Overture update scheduled for launch tomorrow. While it did seem biased, it surely is respectable to see the two collaborate and work on what seemed to be a buggy mess. Based on the scenes and comparisons they’ve shown off, the Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti are the two cards that have seen a major improvement across the board. However, with the RTX 2070 still being left in the dust, Nvidia and DICE are definitely looking forward to improving the performance for RTX 2070 owners too.

Based on the vague comparisons they’ve shown, here’s the performance increase that we’re looking at.

 Before OvertureAfter OverturePercentage Increase
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti (1440p) @ Ultra DXR326190.625%
Nvidia RTX 2080 (1440p) @ Medium DXR326396.875%
Nvidia RTX 2070 (1080p) @ Low DXR567228.57%

While it certainly isn’t too shabby, what is important here is the fact that DICE has considerably improved the FPS drops that occur when explosions go off or if large structures start to crumble. Again, with the help of Nvidia, DICE also managed to improve the overall conservation of processing power in a number of scenes too. Several scenes indicated slight improvements too, but it certainly looks to be a treat to behold.

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Given how much criticism Battlefield V had been garnering since the inception of ray-tracing for its horrible performance, it’s nice to see Nvidia finally getting to work with the folks over at DICE to make sure that everything is in excellent condition as that Battlefield V gets to use the most out of these new RTX series of GPUs. Not to mention all the RTX cards that have been blowing up lately.


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