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Call Of Duty Black Ops IV Operation Absolute Zero Releases Today Featuring A Ton Of New Content

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Call Of Duty Black Ops IV was released earlier this year and the is the latest addition to the famous COD franchise. The title for the first time ever featured a Battle Royale mode inspired by PUBG and Fortnite with a touch of Treyarch. Developers, however, know that to keep the players busy and engaged they’ll need to add constant updates to the multiplayer section, and they have done exactly that.

Today Activision announced the Operation Absolute Zero bringing new maps, specialists, weapons and much more content to the game. First off, players can now enjoy a brand new specialist called “Zero” who has the ability to distract enemies thanks to his amazing hacking skills which allows him to dynamically alter the flow of the game. Moreover, there are a couple of weapons added to the game with more collectable accessories and tactical outfits. Furthermore, players can now enjoy a brand new map “Hijacked” inspired by COD BO2 and hop on to a new vehicle named ARAV with a turret-mounted machine gun.

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Since the holiday season is right around the corner, players can expect to see new content and features related to the holiday spirits. Now, what’s a Black Ops title without a good Zombie mode, and here we have a much required Zombie update bringing a ton of new challenges for players to complete and earn bonus XP and rewards.

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PlayStation users additionally can enjoy two new multiplayer maps Elevation and Madagascar along with a revamped Zombie experience set in 1912 with an intense storyline including wolves, vampires and whatever Activision throws at us. It is clear that developers are doing their best to fit the title among the majority of gamers and if they keep on adding content they may as well succeed.


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