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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Teaser Trailer Drops – Official Reveal Planned This August 26th

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The teaser trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War just dropped and the latest addition to the Black Ops series looks rather different, to say the least. The franchise has built its name over the past decades by introducing a fast-paced FPS experience paired with engaging emotional storylines. While the hype for the Call of Duty Franchise itself has somewhat settled down over the past few years things look bright as ever with the development studios willing to experiment more and more.

The new teaser is the perfect example of what the studios behind the franchise have been up to. Introducing games with similar themes did make fans tired out of the whole idea of a new Call of Duty title. The new trailer looks a lot more mature and the fact that the story is inspired by true events makes it even more interesting. Lighting the events of the Cold War era is something the media hasn’t been able to do properly and building the perfect story around the events is something fans expect of Activision.

Black Ops: Cold War being the 5th addition to the legendary franchise has gotten enthusiasts pumped and for good reason. The classic theme around the Cold War era is somewhat a breath of fresh air representing a world without filters. A proper reveal of the game is scheduled for August 26th with more details to go on about.


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