Mysterious Xiaomi Devices Codenamed ‘Cepheus’ Featuring A Snapdragon 855 Emerges On Geekbench

If you would tell us that Xiaomi is done with their launches, you would terribly be wrong. However, if you were to tell us that there is might be a completely new device coming from Xiaomi featuring flagship internals may be coming soon, that’s when we would get worried. Apparently, it seems like that’s the case as a mysterious device from Xiaomi featuring a Snapdragon 855 has just emerged on Geekbench.

A new device from Xiaomi could be on the horizon as CES 2019 moves forward. This mysterious device, dubbed as the Xiaomi Cepheus, seems to be an interesting device based on the leak itself. While we have no interest in the device itself, the leak itself raises a ton of questions regarding Xiaomi’s roadmap for their releases, especially after parting with Redmi as their sub-brand.

According to the to details offered by Geekbench, it seems like this device would most likely feature Qualcomm’s newly-introduced, Snapdragon 855 SoC entailing ARM implementer 81 architecture 8 variant 13 part 2052 revision 14 as its identifier two tests obtained via Geekbench. Additional information that we could derive for the includes its scores and the fact that the particular model that has leaked on Geekbench features 6GB of RAM.

Regarding scores obtained via Geekbench, we’re looking at 3453 and 10771 as our single-core and multi-core score which is considerably higher than any Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-powered device.

Regarding the feature set, there’s nothing else we were able to derive from the leaks obtained via Geekbench. Although unlikely, Xiaomi could be trying to cater a very specific community of users despite the existence of the Redmi and Poco brand, unless this is a successor to current-gen devices. Let’s hope that the latter is true.

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