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‘JustGiving + Gaming’ The gamer’s guide to give.

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A fundraising platform JustGiving is rolling out Tools to help Gamer’s stream, organize, and raise money for their choice of charity. With this, you can easily learn how to Start and Organize your own Charity Game Streams.

JustGiving is a platform that helps people Fund charities or helps them start their own Fundraising/Crowd Funding campaigns for the causes they believe in. JustGiving has empowered Video Game streamers in the past and helped them raise money for charities. The streamers do challenge streams like the ‘24 Hour Charity Stream’ or do various challenges on stream. Their new ‘Suite of tools’ can be found at their new Hub.

The Hub provides any information that anyone wanting to hold a charity stream could need to know like guides for setting up streams, Stream overlays, Tips and suggestions on the type of games to play to garner more viewers along with other helpful tools. To spice up the competition, there is also a ‘Hall of Fame’ with four different categories that are nominated by you, the viewer. If you are not a streamer do not worry, they also have something for the viewers. They have a list of ongoing events that you the viewer can watch and contribute to.

This is a positive inclusion to the world of Videogame Streaming. This would help not only the current but new streamers who can help others by doing something which was nothing more than just a hobby. Keeping all of that in mind, you should know that the people over at JustGiving do take their own cut out of all this. So, It would be better if you went directly to the cause wherever it is possible.

With everything said, This is still a positive move from the folks over at JustGiving. Since 2019’s just started, some charity events have already started. So go take a look at their Events page or perhaps start doing your own Charity streams and help the cause of your choice. Help spread some good with the power of Video Games!


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